Heat King HK300

Portable Heaters

Heat King HK300

Diesel, Glycol, Ground Thaw

Tamarack Industries presents the Heat King Mobile      
Glycol Heating System a faster way to prepare foundation
sites and cure concrete in cold weather. Heat King also
saves on labor speeds preparation and lowers energy costs  
by as much as 80%. The Heat King uses only centrifugal
pumps for the field  and  circulation loops.  Safer than positive
displacement pumps,  they're engineered to eliminate  
dangerous pressure situations.

  • Run Time                             Up to 120 hours
  • Length from Hitch            14'
  • Width                                   86"
  • Height                                  83"
  • Electrical                             2 - 120V AC 20A Circuit
  • Glycol Tank Capacity      96 Gallons
  • Fuel Capacity                   192 Gallons
  • Weight  Full / Empty   6,505 lbs / 7,835 lbs
  • Hoses                                 4 @ 700 ft
  • Heater Capacity             305,000  BTU Heating
  • Ground Thawing            Up to 5,600 square ft
  • Concrete Curing            Up to 11,200 Square ft
  • Temporary Heating     Up to 12,000 square ft

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