C50 - Dump Crawler Carrier

Trailers / Utility Vehicles

C50 - Dump Crawler Carrier

Payload 8,379 lbs

You could call our tracked carriers the champion of the jobsite. They float like a butterfly yet pack a heavy-weight punch when it comes to hauling capacity. When the jobsite features mud, deep snow, soft ground, steep slopes or is simply too cramped for a traditional dump truck, nothing gets the job done quicker and with less impact than a Yanmar tracked carrier.

The C50R-5 touts impressive power and payload with unmatched navigational and dumping versatility thanks to the added safety of 180-degree rotation of the seat and controls, and available 180-degree dumping capabilities.

  • Transport Weight:  12,633 lbs
  • Payload: 8,379 lbs
  • Transmission Type: 2 Pump. 2 Motor HST Hydraulic
  • Ground Pressure: (Unloaded / Loaded) 3.4 / 5.7 PSI
  • Max Speed: 5.9 MPH
  • Ground Clearance: 1'5"

Brochure: https://yanmarce.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/C50R-5_2020-RED_7.6.20.pdf