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Choosing the Best Compressor Hose for You

A quality-made air hose is essential to ensuring a tight connection to your power tool, stable air pressure and consistent power output. The main factors to consider when purchasing a new air hose are the hose length you require to tackle a variety of tasks, the material the air hose is constructed with and the internal diameter of the air hose.  Our mission is to supply high quality hose, fittings and crimping technology products on time, and to continually expand our product offerings to better serve the market. Please call us with any questions. 413-774-2800.  

Compressor Hose Lengths

Typically, air compressor hose lengths range from 25 to 250 feet. If you frequently work on projects requiring greater distances from your air compressor, a longer compressor hose is convenient and allows maximum movability. On the other hand, if you regularly work in tighter quarters, a shorter air compressor hose might be a better option and avoid tangling.

Air Compressor Hose Materials

The material your air hose is made from will significantly affect the weight of the hose, how well it performs and the flexibility of the line. Here's an overview of the most common types of compressor hose materials to help you make your decision:

Rubber Air Hoses

Usually constructed with a blend of PVC, polyurethane and rubber, these air hoses are incredibly durable and flexible so you can easily work on an array of projects. The heaviest types of compressor hoses on the market, rubber air hoses are naturally abrasion-resistant. Rubber air hoses are also not prone to kinking and rarely need replacing, so they’re suitable for regular to heavy use.