Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Due to the fact that our equipmentis available by reservation, and the requested equipment is removed from our available equipment list making it unavailable to other customers, we are forced to charge a Cancellation fee to compensate for the time the equipment is not ravailable, as follows:

- Cancellation the day of will be assessed 1 day rental rate.

- Less than 48 Hours Notice: 25% of a 1 day rental, with a minimum of $25.00.

- More than 48 hours Notice: No Fee

Your rental will be confirmed the day prior to beginning of your rental by one of our staff. If your reservation was made the day prior to rental, that will serveas your confirmationand agreement to our Cancellation Policy.

*FORCE MAJEURE: WEST COUNTYEQUIPMENT RENTALS is understanding of unforeseeable and unavoidable catastrophes outside of a customers control including but not limited to natural disasters, serious illness and death.

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